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Account Identification

Account Number Information
The Broadridge account number consists of two components separated by a dash. For example 1234-56789.

The 4 digits preceding the dash indicate the Issue identifier within the record keeping platform. This number will remain the same for all holders of a particular issue. This value will be pre-populated or can be searched using the company name or ticker symbol

The characters following the dash represent an individual's account number. This number was assigned at the time the account was created on the record keeping platform.

Your shareholder account number can be found on any correspondence you have received from Broadridge.
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First Time Users
  • Provide your name, account number and social security number
  • Answer security questions
    • This verification is for your security and is necessary to protect you from fraud due to identity theft
    • The information comes from publicly available data sources, such as county or city records. None of the information comes from your credit record, or has any impact on your credit record. All of the information complies will all relevant local and federal privacy laws. The questions were designed based on the compiled data
    • The questions and corresponding answers are not stored anywhere. Only the number of correct and incorrect answers, and whether or not the authentication was successful, is stored
  • Select your user name
  • Receive temporary password
  • Select your own password
Link Accounts
  • Ability to link multiple holdings based on the account number
  • All Broadridge holdings in one consolidated view
  • Three easy steps:
    • Provide your name, account number and social security number
    • Answer security questions(see above)
    • Enter your existing profile name and password