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  • Protect your login credentials
  • Do not share your confidential information such as Social Security Number across channels such as email or text
  • Ensure you are at a trusted site and not a “phishing” site where the goal is to acquire your personal information
  • Report any suspicious activity to Broadridge at 1-877-830-4936

Please note that Broadridge has implemented a new security protocol associated with shareholder logins, which includes a one-time code requirement that will be issued to shareholders via e-mail upon logging in to your account from an unknown device, or making a change to your account password. If you have authorized any third-party, including brokers, credit monitoring services, or financial management applications (such as Mint, Yodlee/USAA, or Fiserv) to access your account information, you may receive a security code email as the result of that application attempting to log in on your behalf. Please click here for more information.

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